Beauty at Bedtime 😴

I always mix & match my products which is good as I think your skin gets used to the same products. However I thought I would share my current beauty routine I use before I go to bed. It takes a little while, according to my boyfriend hours 🙄 but in reality it’s about ten minutes, not that he’s one to exaggerate!

I start by washing my face with Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing face wash. My skin is very oily and as I’m obsessed with makeup there’s usually a ton of crap to wash off my skin, and this stuff does the trick. It’s soap free and fluffs up into a luxurious foam that cleans all the dirt off without making my skin feel tight and moisture free. My skin is problematic and very oily so I follow the cleanse by dabbing a little of Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid onto a cotton pad and run it over my skin. I really believe this product has saved my spot prone skin but you have to build up usage as it’s quite strong! I leave this to sink in for a few minutes and let it work it’s magic.

My next step is my newest beauty find – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery concentrate. All I’d heard was great things about this product so I bought my Mum some, she seemed to like it so I thought I’d give it a try. I rub a small amount of this oil into my palms and then dab it into my face and neck. It works by enhancing your skins night time recovery process so you wake with rejuvenated skin. I’ve been using it a week and so far I’m impressed!

Once the midnight recovery has settled my next product is again Kiehl’s – are you sensing a pattern here! I do love their products mainly because they work so if you haven’t tried them, get involved. I use their Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion, which has a touch of a menthol feel and definitely works wonders for my greasy face! For my eyes I use Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-aging Eye Cream. This is such a rich eye cream you need the tiniest amount, it really does go a long way. This has 💯 reduced the lines I had around my eyes and it feels lovely on tired eyes. I always finish with my FEG eyelash serum but that’s a whole other blog that you can find here: Lashes on Fleek – Fab Fashion Beauty

Happy bedtime routines FFs! Would be great to hear what yours are too?! 👄


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