Rouge Velvet for Matte Lips πŸ‘„

I was recently lucky enough to receive a complimentary box full of the new Rouge Velvet lipsticks. There are 12 rich colours of these new matte Bourjois lippys with my favourite a rosey pink called Flamingo Rose.

I’m not normally a fan of matte lipsticks for the simple reason I find they dry my lips out. However I am the girl that has 50 lip balms and has to apply one every 5 minutes! So I’m not used to the feeling of the matte lippys, I’m definitely more of a gloss girl!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipstick may have just changed my opinion. This lippy is beautifully matte without drying out my lips. Before applying I first used the Bourjois Miraculous Contour primer pencil, I then applied the colour with a lip brush. I found putting it on this way helped it last and kept my lips nice and moist.

Unlike sticky glosses this lippy won’t stick to your hair at the slightest hint of a breeze which is normally a daily struggle for me, and the struggle is real! It last beautifully and doesn’t leave those nasty marks on your wine glass. Like most matte lipsticks you can’t reapply too much or you’ll get the cakey look but it lasts that well you just won’t need to.

So if you’re looking for a matte lipstick that won’t break the bank, dry your lips and will last then look no further than the new Rouge Velvet lipstick from Bourjois πŸ‘„


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