Lashes on Fleek

For 30 years I have been trying to find the perfect mascara and finally I think I’ve succeeded in my lifelong mission!! The fabulous company that we have to thank for this achievement in long lashes is Eyeko! While they make many great mascaras the one which will now forever be a staple part of my makeup bag is Lash Alert.

Lash Alert gives my lashes lift, volume, curl and definition all while encouraging lash growth as well. Double the love! It stimulates lash growth as it’s infused with caffeine, arginine and biotinoyl tripeptide. So your lashes look great on the outside but are also made strong on the inside. As well as doing all this it lasts beautifully with no flaking as you sometimes get with mascara yet it’s easy to remove at the end of the day.

The final piece de resistance for the perfect lashes is another fabulous creation called FEG. This is a serum that you use once a day to give your lashes a growth boost. I use mine every night before I go to bed, although you can use twice a day. It takes about a month to kick in but after that time you’ll look in the mirror one day and wonder where your luscious lashes have come from!

If you use both of these for a month I guarantee you’ll see an improvement! πŸ™‹πŸΌ