Kiko Milano

After coming out of a meeting last week in Oxford Street I was pleasantly surprised to be standing in front of a Kiko Milano shop! 😁 I've heard a lot of good things about this brand but never had the opportunity to use any of their beauty products. If you haven't heard of Kiko Milano, let me fill you in…….

With an hour to kill before my next meeting I decided to head inside the Kiko Milano shop and spend a bit of time checking out what they had to offer, and what a selection they had!

First stop lipsticks, where I chose their Smart Fusion lipstick in 406, and to compliment it their Everlasting Colour Precision lip liner in 407. Now the liner is a littler darker than the lipstick but I like this as long as you blend them well. We don't want to go back to a look I once rocked as a teenager when I wore dark almost black lip liner with concealer as a lipstick – no blending, bad times 🙈. Moving swiftly on! This lipstick and liner combo is now my current fave, the liner doesn't budge and the lipstick is creamy without being too glossy in a lovely nudey pink – perfect for me!

Next were the glosses which had already been recommended to me by a colleague, so I went straight for their 3D Hydra lipgloss in 08. This is fab gloss and after loving Lancome's Juicy Tubes for most of my life this 3D gloss came in at a close 2nd. The 08 is a Terracotta pink and is beautifully glossy without being too sticky. I also decided to try their Unlimited Double Touch gloss. This has a base colour, which I chose in a terracotta nude, then an additional top coat. I have to say for gloss with colour it's great and really lasts. Normally with duos like this I find the base colour dries your lips but this kept mine nice and soft with a fabulous pop of colour!

Finally I decided to try their Flawless Fusion bronzer powder in 05. Although I'm really happy with all of Kiko Milano's products I bought this is my favourite and will stay a permanent fixture in my make up bag (actually more like a suitcase). This bronzer is not too dark yet easy to layer, and it glides on perfectly. I'm sure you've all experience a bronzer that after some time goes patchy well this definitely doesn't. A winner all round!

So my overall review of Kiko Milano is fabulous and so reasonably priced you'd be mad not to try it and the fact it's so cheap means you can buy even more 😁💄💄💄