Eyebrow Game

I thought I would do a short & sweet blog post on eyebrows and my newly discovered saviour!! This method is simple yet wonderfully effective for creating the perfect brow. My eyebrow game was always pretty lame until I recently discovered Wunderbrow.  Since finding this little beauty I constantly get told by my boyfriend that I have ‘a strong-aggressive brow’ 😆 He’s not a fan of a strong brow, I however am and I’m sure you are too. Brows have become the beauty obsession of late and as someone who never used to touch my brows I can’t believe how important they now are in my beauty routine.  Nowadays it would be highly unlikely you’d ever see me without doing my brows, they go hand in hand with mascara to me which I class as an essential.

Wunderbrow is a great product, it helps those of us who aren’t blessed with thick and luscious brows to achieve the illusion of just that. As well helping to draw strong brows it’s waterproof so perfect for the summer pool parties or water fights in the garden we’ll hopefully be experiencing this summer. I actually found if you wash carefully around your brows once applied it can last for a couple of days, but that’s just me being very lazy!The applicator that comes with the Wunderbrow is quite thick so I suggest buying an angled brush like the one shown in my photo, I got mine online from Feel Unique (link shown at the end of blog) and it makes application so much easier.  My method is to brush my brows so they’re neat and tidy, then I draw the outline of the brows I want using Wunderbrow and the angled brush, I  use light strokes depending on how strong or aggressive I want my brow to be that day 😜.  That’s basically it, I always keep a cotton bud/ q-tip close by to deal with any wobbly hand mistakes which are easily dealt with before it dries.

It handily comes in 5 colours – blonde, auburn, brunette, black/brown & jet black so you should be able to match your own colour.  I find that brunette is the perfect colour for me.

You can purchase it here at Feel Unique where you can also get £10 off your order using my link http://referme.to/PyQJJKo

Happy creating those brow illusions 😁👄


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