Blown Away 💁🏼‍♀️

Over the Christmas period I was lucky enough to have a few parties in London. These however were a worry as I wouldn’t be able to use my normally fabulous Scouse hairdressers 😱. In Liverpool they have perfected the art of a curly blow so if I usually try and get one anywhere else in the world i’m left with limp flat hair and a disappointed look on my face 😦. This isn’t just the non-Scouse hairdressers fault, my hair has an overwhelming desire to be straight which makes curly blows difficult.On my travels to London I kept seeing huge billboards on the underground advertising Blow Ltd, a hairdressing concept that will come to you in your home/hotel/office or if you prefer the salon they still offer that too. I decided to give them a try, and as I was staying in Leicester Square I was able to book myself into their Covent Garden salon. I was instantly greeted with the offer of a glass of fizz which is always winner with me! They had 9 styles to choose from but if they don’t tickle your fancy you can always go down the bespoke route. I decided to go for the Hollywood starlet look and I was so happy with the outcome so I instantly saved their website to my favourites. It even lasted for more that 30 minutes which is an excellent result for my desperate-to-be-straight Barnet!Next party was at The Ned where I was lucky enough to be staying so I booked one of Blow Ltd’s hair magicians to my room. The lovely girl arrived on time, thankfully not early as I hate that as I’m always five minutes late! This time I decided to go for the curly blow look and I wasn’t disappointed. Although not quite as fabulous as the hairdressers of lovely Liverpool it wasn’t far off. So if your staying in London, Birmingham or Manchester get yourself booked in with one of their hair wizards! Check them out at


Beauty at Bedtime 😴

I always mix & match my products which is good as I think your skin gets used to the same products. However I thought I would share my current beauty routine I use before I go to bed. It takes a little while, according to my boyfriend hours 🙄 but in reality it’s about ten minutes, not that he’s one to exaggerate!

I start by washing my face with Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing face wash. My skin is very oily and as I’m obsessed with makeup there’s usually a ton of crap to wash off my skin, and this stuff does the trick. It’s soap free and fluffs up into a luxurious foam that cleans all the dirt off without making my skin feel tight and moisture free. My skin is problematic and very oily so I follow the cleanse by dabbing a little of Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid onto a cotton pad and run it over my skin. I really believe this product has saved my spot prone skin but you have to build up usage as it’s quite strong! I leave this to sink in for a few minutes and let it work it’s magic.

My next step is my newest beauty find – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery concentrate. All I’d heard was great things about this product so I bought my Mum some, she seemed to like it so I thought I’d give it a try. I rub a small amount of this oil into my palms and then dab it into my face and neck. It works by enhancing your skins night time recovery process so you wake with rejuvenated skin. I’ve been using it a week and so far I’m impressed!

Once the midnight recovery has settled my next product is again Kiehl’s – are you sensing a pattern here! I do love their products mainly because they work so if you haven’t tried them, get involved. I use their Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion, which has a touch of a menthol feel and definitely works wonders for my greasy face! For my eyes I use Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-aging Eye Cream. This is such a rich eye cream you need the tiniest amount, it really does go a long way. This has 💯 reduced the lines I had around my eyes and it feels lovely on tired eyes. I always finish with my FEG eyelash serum but that’s a whole other blog that you can find here: Lashes on Fleek – Fab Fashion Beauty

Happy bedtime routines FFs! Would be great to hear what yours are too?! 👄

Rouge Velvet for Matte Lips 👄

I was recently lucky enough to receive a complimentary box full of the new Rouge Velvet lipsticks. There are 12 rich colours of these new matte Bourjois lippys with my favourite a rosey pink called Flamingo Rose.

I’m not normally a fan of matte lipsticks for the simple reason I find they dry my lips out. However I am the girl that has 50 lip balms and has to apply one every 5 minutes! So I’m not used to the feeling of the matte lippys, I’m definitely more of a gloss girl!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipstick may have just changed my opinion. This lippy is beautifully matte without drying out my lips. Before applying I first used the Bourjois Miraculous Contour primer pencil, I then applied the colour with a lip brush. I found putting it on this way helped it last and kept my lips nice and moist.

Unlike sticky glosses this lippy won’t stick to your hair at the slightest hint of a breeze which is normally a daily struggle for me, and the struggle is real! It last beautifully and doesn’t leave those nasty marks on your wine glass. Like most matte lipsticks you can’t reapply too much or you’ll get the cakey look but it lasts that well you just won’t need to.

So if you’re looking for a matte lipstick that won’t break the bank, dry your lips and will last then look no further than the new Rouge Velvet lipstick from Bourjois 👄

Lashes on Fleek

For 30 years I have been trying to find the perfect mascara and finally I think I’ve succeeded in my lifelong mission!! The fabulous company that we have to thank for this achievement in long lashes is Eyeko! While they make many great mascaras the one which will now forever be a staple part of my makeup bag is Lash Alert.

Lash Alert gives my lashes lift, volume, curl and definition all while encouraging lash growth as well. Double the love! It stimulates lash growth as it’s infused with caffeine, arginine and biotinoyl tripeptide. So your lashes look great on the outside but are also made strong on the inside. As well as doing all this it lasts beautifully with no flaking as you sometimes get with mascara yet it’s easy to remove at the end of the day.

The final piece de resistance for the perfect lashes is another fabulous creation called FEG. This is a serum that you use once a day to give your lashes a growth boost. I use mine every night before I go to bed, although you can use twice a day. It takes about a month to kick in but after that time you’ll look in the mirror one day and wonder where your luscious lashes have come from!

If you use both of these for a month I guarantee you’ll see an improvement! 🙋🏼

Slay Your Stay in London

Brendan and I just came back from having such a great weekend in London and this was mainly down to the fabulous St Martins Lane Hotel. This amazing hotel is part of the Morgans Hotel Group who also include the Mondrian & Sanderson in their gang.

We had been lucky enough to stay at this hotel couple of years ago for my birthday so this was our 2nd stay. We booked the Deluxe Garden room which really is fab, the room itself is luxurious, modern and bright with a cute little patio to enjoy the outside. Being an Essex girl I'm a huge fan of the subtle leopard print carpet and mood lighting!

The bathroom is huge and offers separate toilet and shower which is a must when travelling with your other half 💩🙊. One of the first things I still check in a hotel room when travelling is the toiletries and St Martins Lane I'm happy to say did not disappoint! You're treated to Malin + Goetz products here with delights like Rum Body Wash which you'll be tempted to drink 🍹

After a quick drink at the hotel bar where I enjoyed a refreshing vodka lime and soda we headed out meet our friends at Gaucho Piccadilly, where we had booked ourselves into their Electro Brunch. Gaucho is one of the many restaurants now offering what is called a 'bottomless brunch'. My friends and I often meet in London to enjoy these at various restaurants around London with our favourite so far being Villandry St James, however we decided to try Gaucho for a change. This bottomless brunch is a little different as they offer bottomless food as well as drinks, they also offer a greater selection of drinks including beer and two cocktails. The food offered arrived on small plates which I loved as it meant I could try quite a few of the dishes without being called a piggie 🐷, steak and eggs being my favourite. The Bloody Mary was a little strange as it had chopped onion in it so I soon moved onto their delicious sparkling wine Domain Chandon 🥂 The service started a little slow but they soon sped up and we had a lovely couple of hours and would definitely recommend!

After lunch we did a bar crawl of Soho with my favourite being Archer Street which is where out of work West End performers randomly belt out classics while you enjoy a cocktail or two! This was followed by 2 hours at Lucky Voice which if you hadn't heard of is a place where you can hire a private pod for up to 15 people to belt out your best Karaoke hits. It's amazing fun, you also get a fancy dress box and table service for drinks. The less said about my singing abilities the better, however after a few cocktails I definitely thought I was Beyoncé!

After a fun filled and boozy day to night it was time to head back to the hotel where the giant bed was like sleeping on a cloud! With that and the amount of alcohol consumed it did not take me long to fall asleep! When we woke in the morning we had very sore heads and couldn't yet face the trip back to Liverpool so we enquired on the possibility of a late check out, this we were delightfully granted. A hotel always gets a huge thumbs up from me when they happily grant you a late check-out without charging you a fortune!

So if you want to slay your stay in London you need to stay at the St Martins Lane Hotel, eat at Gaucho Piccadilly, drink at Archer Street and sing your heart out at Lucky Voice Soho 🎶


Kiko Milano

After coming out of a meeting last week in Oxford Street I was pleasantly surprised to be standing in front of a Kiko Milano shop! 😁 I've heard a lot of good things about this brand but never had the opportunity to use any of their beauty products. If you haven't heard of Kiko Milano, let me fill you in…….

With an hour to kill before my next meeting I decided to head inside the Kiko Milano shop and spend a bit of time checking out what they had to offer, and what a selection they had!

First stop lipsticks, where I chose their Smart Fusion lipstick in 406, and to compliment it their Everlasting Colour Precision lip liner in 407. Now the liner is a littler darker than the lipstick but I like this as long as you blend them well. We don't want to go back to a look I once rocked as a teenager when I wore dark almost black lip liner with concealer as a lipstick – no blending, bad times 🙈. Moving swiftly on! This lipstick and liner combo is now my current fave, the liner doesn't budge and the lipstick is creamy without being too glossy in a lovely nudey pink – perfect for me!

Next were the glosses which had already been recommended to me by a colleague, so I went straight for their 3D Hydra lipgloss in 08. This is fab gloss and after loving Lancome's Juicy Tubes for most of my life this 3D gloss came in at a close 2nd. The 08 is a Terracotta pink and is beautifully glossy without being too sticky. I also decided to try their Unlimited Double Touch gloss. This has a base colour, which I chose in a terracotta nude, then an additional top coat. I have to say for gloss with colour it's great and really lasts. Normally with duos like this I find the base colour dries your lips but this kept mine nice and soft with a fabulous pop of colour!

Finally I decided to try their Flawless Fusion bronzer powder in 05. Although I'm really happy with all of Kiko Milano's products I bought this is my favourite and will stay a permanent fixture in my make up bag (actually more like a suitcase). This bronzer is not too dark yet easy to layer, and it glides on perfectly. I'm sure you've all experience a bronzer that after some time goes patchy well this definitely doesn't. A winner all round!

So my overall review of Kiko Milano is fabulous and so reasonably priced you'd be mad not to try it and the fact it's so cheap means you can buy even more 😁💄💄💄

Eyebrow Game

I thought I would do a short & sweet blog post on eyebrows and my newly discovered saviour!! This method is simple yet wonderfully effective for creating the perfect brow. My eyebrow game was always pretty lame until I recently discovered Wunderbrow.  Since finding this little beauty I constantly get told by my boyfriend that I have ‘a strong-aggressive brow’ 😆 He’s not a fan of a strong brow, I however am and I’m sure you are too. Brows have become the beauty obsession of late and as someone who never used to touch my brows I can’t believe how important they now are in my beauty routine.  Nowadays it would be highly unlikely you’d ever see me without doing my brows, they go hand in hand with mascara to me which I class as an essential.

Wunderbrow is a great product, it helps those of us who aren’t blessed with thick and luscious brows to achieve the illusion of just that. As well helping to draw strong brows it’s waterproof so perfect for the summer pool parties or water fights in the garden we’ll hopefully be experiencing this summer. I actually found if you wash carefully around your brows once applied it can last for a couple of days, but that’s just me being very lazy!The applicator that comes with the Wunderbrow is quite thick so I suggest buying an angled brush like the one shown in my photo, I got mine online from Feel Unique (link shown at the end of blog) and it makes application so much easier.  My method is to brush my brows so they’re neat and tidy, then I draw the outline of the brows I want using Wunderbrow and the angled brush, I  use light strokes depending on how strong or aggressive I want my brow to be that day 😜.  That’s basically it, I always keep a cotton bud/ q-tip close by to deal with any wobbly hand mistakes which are easily dealt with before it dries.

It handily comes in 5 colours – blonde, auburn, brunette, black/brown & jet black so you should be able to match your own colour.  I find that brunette is the perfect colour for me.

You can purchase it here at Feel Unique where you can also get £10 off your order using my link

Happy creating those brow illusions 😁👄

Kea – Special “Aigis” Treatment

My boyfriend and I were recently lucky enough to spend 5 days at the beautiful Aigis Suites, which is a luxury boutique hotel situated on the small island of Kea in Greece.  Aigis features 9 individual suites, two of which we were lucky enough to experience during our stay.To arrive in Kea you need to take a ferry not too far from Athens.  For our journey we arrived at Athens Airport and took a 20 minute taxi ride to Lavrio Port where we purchased our ferry tickets for €12.50 each.  We had a couple of hours to kill so as Lavrio Port is very close to the Temple of Poseidon we decided to head there, check out the ruins and grab some lunch.  I am so pleased we took the time to view these amazing ruins from Ancient Greek times, I can’t believe that there’s anyone in this world who wouldn’t be effected by how majestic they are.  Not only are the ruins magnificent to view the site offers spectacular views all around Cape Sounion.  After a delicious lunch at a small Taverna on the beach at Attica we headed back to the port to take our ferry to Kea.The ferry to Kea only took an hour and we’re lucky as the sea was very calm so didn’t even feel as if we were on a boat and we soon arrived, where it was then a short 5 minute ride in a taxi to the Aigis Suites.  Upon arrival we immediately felt like Royalty thanks to Daniella and Lisa!  We were welcomed with freshly made smoothies and instantly blown away by the views from the bar and restaurant.  We had originally booked the Korali Suite which we were shown and were very happy with but as a lovely treat we were upgraded to the Ammos Suite which made us even happier 🙂 .  The suite was all white, light and luxurious with 180 degree views of beautiful Kea which could viewed from our own private terrace.  The room included lovely extras such as toweling bathrobes, flip flops, beach bag and local Greek toiletries.At this point I had been awake for nearly 24 hours due to being far to excited to sleep the night before, but being the trooper I am I washed, unpacked and we headed to the hotel restaurant to sit and enjoy the sunset.  We soon became friends with Nontas the brilliant Barman at Aigis.  He described the menu of the day to us and offered a refreshing yet lethal cocktail which soon helped replace my tiredness with tipsyness!  The food was delicious with local produce used and to top this off we had the most beautiful setting for the sunset, I was in heaven! We chased the meal with a Greek spirit called Tsipouro which you have chilled in a shot and follow with a slice of cucumber. Strong but effective for sure!!Each morning we were treated breakfast which had a sweet and savoury surprise, both were always delicious. For example one morning we had devilishly naughty mini doughnuts followed by scrambled eggs mixed with the tastiest tomatoes.  My bags may have been lighter when we came home but I certainly was not after all the delicious food and drinks!Even with the Aigis Suites being as amazing as it was we decided to venture out a couple of times to the local town Voukari.  We ate at a traditional Greek Taverna called Boypkapi looking across the bay, where we discovered the waiter (along with Nontas the Aigis Barman) was a Liverpool supporter much to my joy but my partner’s disgust!  This worked in our favour as we were given star treatment and shown a parade of fresh fish to chose from.  With very full bellies we made the intelligent decision to drink a number of tequilas in the hope they would act as a digestive, where better to do this than the Bar Azul situated opposite the yacht moorings in Voukari.  It was Saturday night and full of  a real eclectic group of people who were all there for once reason – to drink until the bar’s close at 3am.  We soon become friends with Esmeralda the Barmaid were we bonded over our mutual love of Tequila.  It is safe to say the following morning we did not make it to breakfast!!As the pool at Aigis was so great we only ventured to the beach one day and I am a huge beach lover so this shows you just how great it was.  We took a trip to Otzias where we were only one of about 8 people on the large stretch of beach.  The water was crystal clear and looked so tempting until you dipped your toes in it, it was freezing! But we dived in to clear our heads – it almost blew them off! We spent the day at this beautiful beach whilst being served Coronas direct to our sun loungers from the small beach taverna. To summarise I would definitely recommend the Island of Kea, and the only place to stay would be the Aigis Suites. It’s such a beautiful island with many beaches to visit, fabulous Greek tavernas and a surprisingly energetic nightlife in the small bars! The Aigis Suites blew us away and has certainly spoilt us for any future holidays, they would have to have extremely high standards to compare. From the setting, to the warm and friendly yet discrete staff, or the delicious hospitality it should definitely be on your to visit list. Normally it takes me a few days to wind down on holiday but as soon as we arrived a Aigis we instantly relaxed it’s that good. So a huge thank you to Lisa & Takis and their amazing staff!

Signing off – a very relaxed and chilled Gem 🙂